About us

Hope home is religious non Government organization which is found in east Africa Uganda in eastern region Bugiri district.It was found in 2012 by a group of younger strong orphans of Jesus from an orphanage known as faith for poor orphans which is also found Bujiri district in uganda,


Our background

Hope home started operating in 2012 in Bugiri district Namukonge ,Kapyanga sub county but due to lack of resources we decided to shift to Busolo village  were we had got afree land  to operate our services since there was no money to obtain our own resources like land ,houses,for our orphans ,hence shifting to Busolo were we had been offered a  free land by a community known as glory of Christ church Bugjiri. It started with 25 orphans  both girls and boys in different ages 15 were boys 10 were girls ,so here the organization started its activities and now we have a number of 76 orphans and 15 widows who need care and support like shelter,food,clean ,water,education ,healthy,and other basic needs.


our mission

our mission is help and support the high rate of suffering in streets and different communities in Uganda from different  districts in the country.

Home hope orphanage is also dedicated to providing residential Christian care to children who are orphaned, neglected, abused, underprivileged and vulnerable while ensuring their physical, emotional, social and spiritual development is nurtured by consistent encouragement instilling within each individual a model of love, safety, purpose, productivity, service to others and trust in God. Home hope Orphanage is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, while meeting the emotional, medical, educational and social needs of the child orphanage